Have questions?  We've got answers!

Q. Where do I go to pickup my order? 

Monday thru Sat. 9-noon and 1-4pm at the back door. (You can call 613-256-5225 and let then know you’re on your way.)

Please bring your receipt on paper or on your phone.

 See more about Pickup > 

Q. I can't find my order receipt!  What do I do? 

A.  Look in your email spam and if you still can't find your order receipt, come to the store with a piece of ID and we'll go from there.  Note that the person who placed the order must pickup if you can't find your order receipt!

Q.  Is there an option to have a product delivered?

A. Sorry. At this time we only offer pickup at the store. 

Q.  How long do I have to pickup my purchase? 

A. Due to space constraints at the store, we encourage you to pick-up your online purchase ASAP.  If you have not picked up your item within 7 days we will do our best to send you a reminder.  See more about Picking Up Your Items >

Q. If I don't like the item I purchased online, can I return it? 

A. If you purchased on-line, and are unsatisfied with the item, you can leave without the item and we will re-post it to the store. Your card will be refunded and you will receive an electronic notice of your order cancellation. 

If you purchase an item online and would like to return it, please note that a re-stocking charge of 2% of purchase price will be deducted from your refund.

See more about Refunds & Returns > 

Q. Can I return my item(s) if I get home and change my mind about the purchase? 

A. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns after you have left the store with your item(s).  See more about Refunds & Returns >